Praise for The Cross and the Dragon

“The year is 773, the setting is King Charles’s assembly in Geneva. A war is brewing, but in the heart of expectant 14-year old bride Alda, there is only a growing love for a man she is forbidden to marry. Instead, she must marry the evil Ganelon on her brother’s orders. She feels nothing for him and cannot manage to shift her focus from the dashing Prince Hruodland. As their love blossoms amid a beautifully crafted background of war and vengeance, Ganelon vows to take revenge against his rival. This sweeping epic fantasy tells a rather common tale but does so in an elegant, convincing manner. The author gives us fairly realistic and likeable characters, making it a pleasure to dive in to a multi-layered tale.”
Publishers Weekly about the manuscript entered in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition, in which The Cross and the Dragon was a quarterfinalist. Publishers Weekly is an independent organization.


“Kim Rendfeld has an addictive style of writing. The strong characterization, not only of the hero and heroine but a number of minor characters, held my interest, and I took particular pleasure in the originality of the setting. The Cross and the Dragon is a book I truly enjoyed reading.”
—Roberta Gellis, author of the Roselynde Chronicles


“…a modern take on a Sir Walter Scott type of romance, and one that will work for a modern audience.”
Historical Novels Review, read the full review on the History Novel Society website


“Simply put, I enjoyed this book. The reasons? Engaging narrative. Steady pace. Strong, living characters. Evocative sense of place and time.  A comforting return to the world of chivalry and morality, with defined heroes and villains.”
—Andrea Connell, read her full review at The Queen’s Quill Review


“She weaves a powerful tale out of a few strands of history, encapsulated in the epic poem The Song of Roland.”
—Lisa Yarde, visit Historical Novel Review blog for the full review


“The characters, romance and the setting sucked me in from page one and I stayed up pretty late a few nights because I couldn’t put this book down.”
—Denise at So Many Books, So Little Time, visit So Many Books, So Little Time for the full review


“I read it almost in one sitting, during which I could not bear to put it down for fear I would fail Alda, her female protagonist, in her pursuits and that I’d lose the momentum of the exhilaration I was feeling of reading such a wonderful novel. Yes, I loved it!! I was swept away into a glorious tale of a strong young woman and her man, who equally loved her as much during a time when men didn’t always love women as romantically as would be desired.”
—Erin Al-Mehairi, Oh for the Hook of a Book


“I adored Hroudland and Alda’s story. The way Ms. Rendfeld used the myth of Roland to shape their story was captivating. … With the characters so well fleshed out, entrenched in the historical happenings of the time as well as the description of daily life on medieval men and women, The Cross and the Dragon is a lush, textured and very satisfying historical read.”
—Brandee at Bookworm Brandee


“I found the book well written and the story compelling enough to keep me reading, hooked to the very end…For an easy to read novel with a unique medieval setting, this is definitely a book that will please.”
—Mirella, Great Historicals

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Praise for The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar

“Carolingian Europe comes alive in Kim Rendfeld’s sweeping story of family and hope, set against the Saxon Wars. Her transportive and triumphant novel immerses us in an eighth century world that feels both mystical and starkly real.”  – Jessica Brockmole, author of Letters from Skye

“A captivating historical filled with rich detail, compelling characters, and a well-paced plot that keeps the pages turning to its very satisfying end. A true delight for fans of historical fiction. I couldn’t put it down.” — Susan Spann, author of the Shinobi Mysteries

The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar is refreshingly set in a less familiar medieval period – soon after Charlemagne has conquered a portion of today’s Germany and its people. The characters are refreshing also, common folk instead of the lords and ladies who are the usual inhabitants of historical novels, and how they adjust to their new condition is fascinating. Altogether, this book was absorbing from start to finish.” – Roberta Gellis, author of The Roselynde Chronicles

“The author’s prose is absolutely exquisite, crisp and in some way retrospective like challenging our own views in every step. Her narrative style is one of a kind, but mostly free-flowing, interesting and evocative. As the story progressed and as the challenges increased on Leova’s paths, the more I lost myself into the complexity and the mysteries, moreover, it pulled me more into the core of the tale and thus I couldn’t stop myself from turning the pages.” – BookStopCorner

“The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar is a beautifully written, character-driven story. While the story revolves primarily around Leova and her two children, Rendfeld incorporated a rich cast, which combined with all the historical detail created a compelling and satisfying read.” – Bookworm Brandee

The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar is a book I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes a good historical novel – especially one that deals with transitions in power and religion. This book offers a unique and detailed look at a people who were witnessing the end of their way of life and a family that remains faithful to each other to the end.” – A Book Geek

“Once again, Kim has spectacular detail, fantastical prose, the crafty storytelling that brings legends to life, and grand character development. I highly recommend for any historical reader who prefers dark ages or medieval literature, but also for readers of history who enjoy a good story that has great heart, and in addition, for those who enjoy good fantasy. It most obviously rendered what could have truly happened to a family at this time, yet it has the feel of a good historical fantasy as well.” – Oh for the Hook of a Book

The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar is a story about how the power of love can win out even when all hope is gone. In Leova we are introduced to a spirited, determined heroine whose courage and will lift her from the era of Charlemagne into the spirit of modern day. She’s the sort of heroine a reader loves to cheer for, a heartfelt rendering of a mother and a wife; in short, a woman who will risk everything for the sake of her family.” – Literary Inklings

“Although the conflicting religious beliefs of the time are highlighted, over time the novel becomes less a story about the Saxon gods’ failed power and more a tale about the strength of individuals and families – and the power of love to heal wounds. This makes The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar not only an authentic-feeling representation of a distant era but one relevant to here and now.” – Reading the Past

“This is a poignant tale of great adversity, forced religion, and the enduring bonds of family. It is also a story of redemption and justice, and leaves the reader with a feeling of satisfaction at its culmination. It’s a fabulous read, filled with interesting details. And very powerful storytelling!” – Historical Novel Review

“[T]his refreshingly original novel struck a chord with me. It’s a tale with no shortage of action, danger, and romantic love, but at its heart it is a story of strong family ties and the courage and resourcefulness of one woman, Leova, who will do anything to protect her beloved children. As such, it’s a story modern readers can relate to, despite its long-ago setting.” – Tinney Heath